Sweetpeas in September

So why would you choose a flower farmer over a florist? Of course with a florist you can have orchids and roses whenever you like, you could even have rosed dyed to whatever colour you desire!

Ok, so if all that is making you feel a little queasy, then that is EXACTLY why you need a flower farmer! If you want flowers that look as if they’ve been picked from your grandma’s cottage garden, which will fill the room with a smell which will make you remember your wedding day every time you catch it somewhere else, which everyone will comment on and remember, then a flower farmer is the person you need!

However that is not to say that you can’t the personal touch, yes you have to go with what’s in season and however good the grower you are not going to get daffodils in September or roses at christmas, but we can and will tailor our growing season to your needs as much as we can, if you want a particular colour, we will scour the seed catalogues to find it, if you want sweetpeas in September, we will do a late sowing and put a back up patch in the polytunnel in order to do it for you, if you want 1000 sweet peas of the exact same shade of purple we will sow them all, meticulously weed them, pick them stem by stem, carefully check each and deliver them to your venue.

So to pick a grower means you get the best of the best, with care and planning 6 months or more before your big day and you can give yourself a pat on the back for also being ethical, sustainable and bee friendly!

Please get in touch to chat about your requirements and we can both have fun planning the next growing year!