Sustainable Wedding Flowers in North Devon

We have all learnt in recent years that our climate is facing an emergency. We have all seen (especially those of us on the coast, like here in North Devon) the effect of plastics on our environment. We are all trying our best to be more sustainable and reduce plastic use where possible….but…have you ever thought about your wedding flowers?

What do your wedding flowers have to do with plastic? Or being more susitainable? I mean they are a natural product right?!
Well…yes, however they are also a massive business and are being grown intensively in order to provide us with all the flowers we could desire. In this way they are using vast amounts of water, chemicals and are often grown with extra heat and light so we can have whatever varieties we like, whenever we like.
There is also the issue of ‘floral foam’ you may look at wonderful wedding designs on Pinterest and (understandably) not really consider how they are created, only that they are beautiful. However many of those designs will feature ‘floral foam’ this is a plastic based substance which is used to hold flowers in certain designs and hydrate them while doing so. It does not break down, when soaking for use it also enters the watercourse. As well as this it is advised not to breathe in the dust created when cutting it….
So now you know what can you do about it? Well when choosing your wedding flowers, you can choose locally grown, seasonal blooms. If you choose to use us here at Sweetpeas and Sunflowers, your flowers would be as fresh as possible, chosen to suit your style and colour scheme, as well as being chemical free and therefore much better for the environment.
We also do not use any floral foam in our designs, so you could go simple and have jam jars or vases on your tables but if you want something more elaborate we are committed to coming up with designs which suit you, while also doing no harm to the environment.
Look at these fabulous designs created on a wedding floristry course with foam free guru Sabine Darrall earlier this year. Foam free in no way has to limit your imagination!

As a florist here in our wonderful North Devon, I am committed to constant learning in an attempt to minimise our impact environmentally, so if you feel the same, come and have a chat about your wedding flowers!

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