You would imagine growing beautiful flowers and doing arrangements for the happiest day of people’s lives to be blissful wouldn’t you? And most days it is. When the sun is on my back as I’m watering the tunnel, when the smell of a new rose or the first Sweetpeas reaches you on the breeze, looking out at the beautiful North Devon countryside whilst picking for Johns Deli, when someone Thanks me and tells me how happy my flowers made them it is truly wonderful.

However there are also times, like this week when the weather has been far colder than last year and so the flowers I had in the tunnels this time last year are non existent. Which is fine as there is a fabulous network of Cornish growers who tend to get flowers earlier and therefore I can still get wonderful British flowers to work with…except when it snows and they can’t deliver them, picture mad face as I say ‘no no I completely understand, please don’t worry’ on the phone whilst inside panicking like mad, followed by mad dash and phone calls to anyone I can think of to get British, seasonal flowers before the snow sets in here and I can’t drive to collect them!

And breathe…a mixture of making do, being inventive, calling on local friends and florists has given me something to work with! It is not entirely the same as the original plan but it will still be beautiful, and as a bonus has made me use more of what I have around me and see things a little differently.

It is only because I so want everything to be perfect and everyone to be happy that I sometimes get a little stressed if things don’t go entirely to plan, but nature generally has a way of making everything ok in the end.

I am also thankful for a kind and understanding bride, as far from a ‘bridezilla’ as you could get!

So fingers crossed the wedding goes without a hitch and the flowers still bring a smile to everyone’s face, this will make all the stress completely worth it, because even on these days I still know I am so lucky to be doing what I love. A little bit of spring wouldn’t go amiss though!