October on a flower Farm

Hello and welcome to a new series on the goings on of the flower farm!

So October is a mixed month, it began with a wedding which was a florists dream…chilled out couple,  bright colours to die for and a gorgeous setting at http://www.tunnelsbeaches.co.uk in North Devon. There have also been a couple of lovely thank you and anniversary bouquets going out.

The weather has been mostly wet and windy apart from a glorious week last week which encouraged all the dahlias to have another go!

However the rest of the month entails a far bit of hard work! I started off a lot of hardy annuals back in September, which are now ready and eager to be planted, some in the tunnels, some outside, there are also the 1000 tulips plus hundreds of ranunculus and anemones to go in.

My annual compost delivery has arrived, about 4 tons of it which now needs to be wheelbarrowed around the plot to enrich the soil ready for all those gorgeous spring flowers and weddings!

So although the flowers may have stopped the work has not! Please get in touch if you are getting married in North Devon or Cornwall next year as the seed order normally goes in soon, so I can get your favourite varieties on the go!

Spring flowers at their best! Photo by Matt Fryer