November on a flower farm

This month has been hard work, the weather has been terrible here in North Devon, strong winds and lots and lots and lots of rain!

November has mostly involved moving compost (yes…still!) this is pretty much the main job of the winter, I’m going to need another delivery of the lovely stuff I get from our local recycling centre to finish off the last of the beds, this time in the perennial patch.

The Dalias have all been dug up to protect them from frost and (more likely in this part of the world) too much rain. They are just cut back, dried off in the shed and stored in crates, frost free and dry for the winter. It’s a pretty big, messy job but satisfying to see them all tucked up!

I am now looking forward and planning next years seed order which will go in in the new year, looking at what performed well, sold well and cut well and what didn’t make the grade! It’s encouraging looking through my records and reminding myself that I can be cutting 1000 stems at a time in the summer…it really doesn’t feel like it now with the rain pouring down and the wind lashing the windows, but spring will return!

Oh and the dreaded tax return is in the pipeline, more time spent indoors looking at figures and plans.

The Polytunnel is growing along ok, ranunculus and hardy annuals having escaped the rabbit visit (hoping the daily terrier visits will deter them!)

Remember if you are getting married in 2020 now is the time to get in touch so I can order your favourite seeds/colours ?