March on the flower farm

Well this month has been a little weird so far…I felt I needed to come and have a chat about our services during the COVID19 outbreak, as far as we know anyway.
So weddings are causing a lot of people stress at the moment, for both couples and suppliers. I wanted to reassure any couples currently booked that I am very happy to postpone/rearrange dates for no extra charge if you decide/are forced to cancel. We are all in the same bumpy,confusing boat right now but if we work together we can still give you a magical day! I have been in touch with some of the more recent bookings but if any of you have any worries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As for sales, I am hoping to begin those in the next few weeks, and as long as Johns Delis are open and I am allowed to leave the house (currently no symptoms here but we are being selective about outings etc and only doing the essentials) I will bring flowers. As the recommendations are frequently changing, it may mean deliveries are less frequent, depending on both sales and isolation advice.

I am also happy to take orders to deliver flowers locally at present, obviously with safe practices in regards to distancing and cleanliness.

Flowers are growing and seeds are being sown so although the next few months may be hard, in a few months the flowers will be in abundance and hopefully we will all be out and about again to enjoy them!

Please keep an eye on social media and I’ll keep updating info as I have it.