Getting to grips with social media

So it has been a while since my last post…mainly because I was unable to actually work out HOW to post! I have now mastered it (I think!) and to that end also decided I needed to actually get on with this social media stuff that all the kids are talking about…

I booked myself on an ‘Instagram Workshop’ with the fantastic Kim Stone (South West folk check her out and went along without a lot of hope of understanding anything. Kim was brilliant and mananaged to get the entire group engaged and understanding everything. I have come away excited about what I can do and how I can use Instagram to really get myself out and noticed.

I think for a lot of us flower farmers this does not come naturally, hence why we are spending out days with our hands in the soil and not in an office in front of a computer! However it turns out this stuff matters, I love talking to real people and I have realised that this is how I FIND those people, rather than hoping they would stumble across me (fairly unlikely as we live in the sticks) and as much as I think social media has it’s issues, if you are authentic and use it to find inspiration and others who might be interested in you and what you do it can be a great tool. A clever man once told me that “a computer makes an excellent servant but a terrible master” which I think sums the whole thing up perfectly.

So if you are looking for wedding inspiration or just photos of flowers to brighten your day please check out my Instagram page ? (Where I will now be posting at the optimum time with the correct amount of hashtags ?)