February on the Flower farm

Soil warming bench

So far in February we have had two named storms with little good weather inbetween. The field has survived surprisingly well, a few puddly areas but as we are on a slope it does drain eventually!

Things in the tunnel are slower than usual thanks to being nibbled and having to recover but are finally on their way, ready for the 2020 weddings here in Devon.

I have also installed a soil warming bench so have started my seeds off on this. It is a cable which is buried in sand, warming it up, it has a thermostat so is controllable, I’m already seeing a difference in germination from last year.

I’ve also made the move to peat free compost and have no complaints so far! After a few years of putting it off as is heard germination was not as good, I decided that I couldn’t continue to use peat and have an easy conscience, it is not an infinite resource and we are damaging the planet by using it, so growing my own beautiful flowers but in the process destroying wild flora and fauna doesn’t seem ok. So far the peat free is working out great and no complaints here!

We are the place for sustainable, eco friendly flowers for your weddings and events (not perfect to be sure but working towards it!)

Fingers crossed spring will actually arrive at some point soon and I’ll be able to update you with beautiful pictures!