December/January on the flower farm

Seeing as I missed December (I’m blaming Christmas) I thought I’d pop these two months together.

To be honest, not a huge amount was done in December as the weather was frankly dismal and my ground is currently looking less like a flower farm and more like a mud pit. However I have hope! The foxgloves are growing away really well as are the Hesperis, sweet Williams and sweet peas.

The ranunculus and anemones are behind where I’d like them thanks to a rabbit attack but they ??Now seem to be retreating (mostly thanks to the dogs sniffing around and digging up their burrows) and the plants are growing back.

I have more ranunculus to go in as well as lots of snapdragons, am hoping to get these in this week as i can do that in the rain, as they are destined for the tunnel.

I have also been making my seed list, ready to put the order in in the next few days, always exciting!

The hope of spring is enough to keep us flower farmers going through the wet, mud, rain and wind.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll see I’ve been joining in with the #flowerfarmera started by @businessofflowers which has been good to get me back into the social media swing after a Christmas break, as well as attracting some new followers and new business.

2020 weddings are filling up (September nearly full) so if you are getting married this year please do get in touch soon!