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March on the flower farm

Well this month has been a little weird so far…I felt I needed to come and have a chat about our services during the COVID19 outbreak, as far as we know anyway. So weddings are causing a lot of people stress at the moment, for […]

February on the Flower farm

So far in February we have had two named storms with little good weather inbetween. The field has survived surprisingly well, a few puddly areas but as we are on a slope it does drain eventually! Things in the tunnel are slower than usual thanks […]

December/January on the flower farm

December/January on the flower farm

Seeing as I missed December (I’m blaming Christmas) I thought I’d pop these two months together. To be honest, not a huge amount was done in December as the weather was frankly dismal and my ground is currently looking less like a flower farm and […]

November on a flower farm

This month has been hard work, the weather has been terrible here in North Devon, strong winds and lots and lots and lots of rain! November has mostly involved moving compost (yes…still!) this is pretty much the main job of the winter, I’m going to […]

Sustainable Wedding Flowers in North Devon

We have all learnt in recent years that our climate is facing an emergency. We have all seen (especially those of us on the coast, like here in North Devon) the effect of plastics on our environment. We are all trying our best to be […]

October on a flower Farm

Hello and welcome to a new series on the goings on of the flower farm! So October is a mixed month, it began with a wedding which was a florists dream…chilled out couple,  bright colours to die for and a gorgeous setting at http://www.tunnelsbeaches.co.uk in North […]


You would imagine growing beautiful flowers and doing arrangements for the happiest day of people’s lives to be blissful wouldn’t you? And most days it is. When the sun is on my back as I’m watering the tunnel, when the smell of a new rose […]

Getting to grips with social media

So it has been a while since my last post…mainly because I was unable to actually work out HOW to post! I have now mastered it (I think!) and to that end also decided I needed to actually get on with this social media stuff […]

Sweetpeas in September

So why would you choose a flower farmer over a florist? Of course with a florist you can have orchids and roses whenever you like, you could even have rosed dyed to whatever colour you desire! Ok, so if all that is making you feel […]